Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Little peice of India

A lot of people have been asking to see all of the pictures from my trip so I'm posting the link to my Facebook profile where all of the pictures are. There are 4 albums with 200 pictures each so be sure to take your time and enjoy a little piece of India.

Here's the link:

Being back from India for a while now I have really had an opportunity to think everything over. India, if you didn’t know, is considered the "birthplace of humanity". There is valid argument that Africa is in the running for the title as well, but none the less a very ancient civilization. Life in India dates back to 3300 BC. It's a place that's spiritually rich. Even someone as critical towards organized religion as myself can feel something there, and many do leave India with a higher sense of spirituality. Spirituality does not necessarily mean that you are religious, or believe in a god or creator or any of that. It means just what is says, to believe in your spirit. What I got from India was a higher sense of spirituality, in the context of valuing my existence and realizing how many events had to synchronize for me to come into this existence. I gained a higher sense of gratitude for life and the world I live in and an understanding that I define the life I live and no one else, I decide what I am and am not. This, for me, is my understanding of spirituality. In India, they say when you reach enlightenment you gain a level of consciousness, or understanding of all things, an omniscience of sorts. To put it in exact quotes, "you realize God". You realize it in everything, even in yourself. I am not a spiritual guru by any means but I can now really begin to understand this concept.

So how does this relate to India? How does all of this come out of traveling to India for 3 weeks? All I can say is that India is a very powerful and spiritual place. Go there and see for yourself.

Until then, watch this movie. It’s called “Enlighten Up”. (If you have Netflix, you can watch it instantly.) It’s a perfect portrayal of India, and goes into some deeper explanation of what Enlightenment is. Cheers!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Along the Rio

I took a walk with my brother down by the river today. It always amazes me how serene the river is, even in the middle of Albuquerque. The weather was particularly clear too, and the sky was brilliantly blue. A perfect day on the Rio Grande.