Sunday, July 17, 2011

Maui Pictures 1

By request I am uploading some of the pictures I have taken. Most of these pictures are from camping around the island in different places.

Just Because I like Palm Trees...
Cozette and me at Iao Valley
Camping near Lahina

Good Morning Cozette!

Sunset in Lahina on the 4th of July

Some nice spots we found walking around the West side of the Island. 
Second most windy place Iv'e ever camped... good for pictures, not for sleeping. the tent was laid down on top of us all night!

Camping and playing at the beaches south of Makena.

So there you have it! Some of the better pictures from our first 3 weeks in Maui. I hope it is enough for everyone to live vicariously through us. We are House sitting now in Haiku, I'll have a post about that soon. Missing friends and family hope to talk on the phone soon. We bought tickets for our next destination today... The Philippines!

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Leiah said...

Great pictures! Sorry I couldn't talk the other day. I left you a message last night. I hope we can hook up soon.

Livewire444 said...

So good to see you guys happy and living life !! way better than TJ's !! Stay gold kids !!