Saturday, February 5, 2011

A New Adventure

It's Time!! On June 30th I'll be on a plane to Hawaii. It's part of a Project that I will be writing all about in my next post. We already bought the tickets. When we feel it's time to move on , we're going West from there!  It's very exciting and we have been looking forward to this trip for quite a while now, and we have a perfect opportunity through a few different organizations to travel on a very low budget. I want to share them with you.

The first is called W.W.O.O.F.  - World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms.
This is a great way to live in a place for a good amount of time and really get an awesome amount of free time.
The gig is that you contribute 4 hrs of work a day for 5 days a week. The rest of the time is yours.
In return for your work you get a place to stay and meals to eat.

The second great web site is Find a Crew. This is a web site where you can search working positions on a range of different boats from small, 3 or 4 crew sail boats to large yacht sized boats. Jobs range from helping actually sail a boat, to being a kitchen worker or server on a private yacht. Whats the Pay out? you get to travel anywhere the boat is going! Free passage! There are ships and captains looking for crews all over the world.
How many people have always wanted to sail, but never had an opportunity or money?

The next site is called Mind My House.
This site allows people who need house sitters to add a posting that can be browsed on the web site.
Most of the houses posted on here are requesting a house sitter for 6 Months or more! What a great way to experience Life in a different place! You water plants, do small up keep duties, and feed animals if there are any. Sweet! Houses posted all over North America, Europe, and New Zealand and Australia.

This is one of my faves! The infamous Couch Surfers. This web site is dedicated to travelers! Simply go on to the website to get an email or phone number of a person inviting travelers to sleep "on their couch". You can read reviews of all of the hosts, so it is usually a safe bet. Many travelers I have met have had very memorable experiences just from getting to interact with so many people, making great friendships.
It's a community of people who love to travel, hosts and "surfers" alike. What could be more fun?

This is just a short list, and what Cozette and I will probably rely on most of the time, but If you ever do get stuck and need a place to stay, Hostels are very in expensive. In Thailand for example the average hostel is around $16 a night. Here is a great place to find hostels Anywhere.

So, That's how we plan to travel on a budget for an extended period of time. Anyone can do it!

Finally, I just want to say this-

The World Needs to shine with a whole lot of Self Expression and Passion right Now.
Quit making excuses about why you don't go for your dreams! Whether you want to travel the world, or you want to help feed the world, Its about what your priorities are. If you really want something, enough to commit all of your time and energy to it, you will get it. It's not the Money, its not the relationships, its not the job holding you back.The only thing keeping you from living out you're own adventurous, 100% fulfilled, all-out, life of your dreams, It's you. You're in charge. GO!
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