Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Images From Another World

Here they are: the best, my favorite rather, pictures from India!

Be sure to click each image for the full view.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

What if Anyone Read This?

Why would anyone want to give up their technology? That's not progression, its regression right? Well, perhaps the falling out of Human connection and compassion that technology brings us, perhaps that is regression. Maybe if people put down their cell phones and ipods and talked to each other they would find they genuinely cared for one another. What if you could look a stranger in the eye and smile, and get a smile in return? What if everyone gave help and expected nothing in return, wouldn't everyone be better off? What if we spent more time being together than messaging on Facebook, or spending money on trash? Wouldn't we have stronger social and personal relationships? Wouldn't we feel more loved? What if we stopped searching for happiness in the junk we buy and instead find it in each other and in the outside world? What if we stopped relying so much on our pollution emitting vehicles and more on our bodies to get us around, and we stopped having obesity and heart disease kill millions? What if we ate whole, organically grown foods, the way food is supposed to be, and we finally realized that the foods we eat contribute to and cause caner and illness?

What if we were happier?

Wouldn't the World be a better place?

What if?

Rich at heart

To say exactly what I learned from India would be impossible. Experience can not be told or taught. Its not something small, or even concrete, but it lives with me. I can feel it.

There are some things in my conscious that I can talk about however

In India there are basically two kinds of people, the are those plagued by Westernization who are fortunate enough to have money to live what we tend to think of as a "good" life. Then there are those with little or nothing. perhaps a shop, or a taxi to their name, making enough money in one day to feed their families for that sole day. The ones with nothing live on the street, literally sleeping on a sheet on the side walk with nothing. Return to the photo I posted of the two men bathing on the street in one of my earlier posts, this is the only shower they have and it's enough.

There are children there with no families who also live on the street. Together, with stray dogs, in the trash, where ever there is a place for them to be, and they are tough kids, but they seem happy more often than not. One boy we met while were were in Kolkatta didn't know English but sat with us at a Chai stand persistently asking for money, which by the way, happens every time you go into public. This Boy, with no shirt or shoes, and grungy shoulder length hair, sat with us, and because we could not give money, we bought him some tea and biscuits. It was just about this time that an older gentleman came along and tried to shoo  him away, yelling something angrily in Hindi. The man turned to us and said "He is Nothing." Melodie, one of the others on the trip, snapped back, "HE IS EVERYTHING!"  The man left. So, we sat and drank Chai, and Melodie teared up,and I felt lost by the whole helplessness of the situation, and the Boy drank his tea, and he ate his biscuits, and he sat with us. And then he left and we never saw him again.

The boy had been branded on his left fore arm with the Letter "R". He would keep pointing to it while he was asking for money.
 Everyone we asked said that this means he is owned by someone, He is pimped out by someone who makes him go into the streets and bring back a day's money. This put a new perspective on money for me.

The people plagued by Western Influence live a much different life. we rode on a second train form Kolkatta to New Dehli, we were in a first class sleeper, that was much cleaner and less crowded, that only the upper class could afford. These people were radically different than anyone I had come into contact with in India up to that point. They all had Ipods and fancy clothes and laptop computers and noisy cell phones... and they were the most unfriendly Indian people I had ever met. Unlike the people we met in the streets, these people didn't look you in the eye, they didn't smile when you smiled at them, they didn't have conversations with us or with each other for that matter. It was as if their technology and money had completely made them self absorbed and careless to the world. 

I would rather ride on the 3rd class, filthy, hot train, with a hole in the bathroom floor, that we rode the first time, where people were living outside of their head phones, any day of the week.

Lots more thoughts to come when time gives them to me.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Homeward Bound

I'm getting on a plane return home tonight. At this point I'm having trouble getting all of my thoughts in order and figuring out just how to process everything I have experienced over the past 3 weeks. Once I have some decompression time and silence, I'm sure the words will come. So, until then wish me safe travels and soon I will be home.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Pictures II

more pictures!

I am getting on a train this evening to Kolkata, It's a 30 hr ride. I'll Post as soon as I get to a good place.

The computer has decided that I can't upload any more pictures so more later.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Home is where the heart is

I saw the Ocean today for the first time in my life... and I saw it in India, in the Bay of Bengal.
I have always had a gravitation towards water, but for some reason I have just never had the opportunity to go to the ocean, maybe it wasn't my time... I can tell you now, today was my time.
I felt the enormous power in the tides and the life force that embodies the entirety of the sea. I felt the salt burn my eyes, felt the water in my ears and nose and the sand run between my feet. I felt the waves lift me and sway me and toss me like a rag doll. I felt like the tinniest, most humbled thing in this world. And at that very moment, floating in the ocean, there were no other thoughts, and I felt perfect.
I am home, and I am whole.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Welcome to the Jungle

Hello! I have not been able to post for a few days because I came down with some sort of stomach illness, probably from bad food or water, long story short, it feels really good to eat again. I'm back!

We are in a place called Auroville now. Auroville is a place that was vision by a Woman they call "The Mother". It's basically a place where all people are welcome and free to live a basic, and sustainable lifestyle together with no religious standards. Here is the link-
At least check it out, there is a lot of info here about it that I can't explain.

We are very close to the Bay of Bengal, and we have rented motor bikes so that we can get around where we need to. I'm hoping to be able to take a trip to the ocean this evening, but if there is one thing India has taught me, it's that nothing seems to go as planned.

We are staying in the jungle, and there is wildlife everywhere. Last night, as I was climbing into my mosquito net around my bed and a spider the size of my palm climbed out of my sheet, and up the net. I almost pooped. I took a few pictures of it but the computer I am using right now does not have any USB ports to upload to. But take my word for it, it could have eaten me.

I miss home and Cozette and Huevos Rancheros but all things will return in good time. I'm living the dream here in India.

Going to get some Chai now, Be Well.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More photos!

I have acquired some extra time to day to spend uploading photos.

I don't have much to put into words right now except that I am coming to realize that my life will never be the same.


at the Shiva temple in Tiruvannamalai

Spending time with the amazing kids at a local orphanageLunch.View of Tiruvannamalai from mountain near meditation caves. Shiva Temple in center of picture. Holly Cows!Chennai-
Sleeping on the street...
"Controlled Chaos"
Such Beautiful People!

Out of Time, More soon!
Much Love.