Sunday, April 17, 2011

The One Heart, One Mind Project

I have started something very exciting. It's an idea that I started to develop when I was traveling in India last Summer. When I got home and started planning for my next trip I knew that I wanted to do something to share the experience with others. I want people to see what I see, experience every place I visit, and meet every person for themselves. But, since not every one is able to travel the world, I decided that the next best thing would be to try to bring the experience to them.  The name of the project is the One Heart, One Mind. It's an effort to photograph and write about the extreme diversity of this planet, To let others see the lives that exist outside of their perspective, and to communicate an understanding of human compassion in moving toward a more sustainable existence.

 "Sustainability", a planet that we will be able to inhabit indefinitely, is not such an issue of figuring out how to reduce green house gasses or how to re-populate vital habitats or restore rain forests. It's more of a need to create a planet where we can all get along.

I see a planet where we can not only except, but also appreciate everyone's religion, race, culture, lifestyle, age, sex and personality. It's only then can we start to live a sustainable existence. It's only then, when we can have compassion for EVERYONE, can we work together and create a better world.

With this view of human sustainability I have created the project.

Read more about it on my website, built to host this and future projects -

At this website donations can be made to the One Heart, One Mind Project and a raffle has been put together placed on this site as well. I have saved $5k on my own and I am determined to raise the remaining moneys for this project. Check out the site and be sure to read frequently to see how the project is progressing.