Sunday, July 17, 2011

Maui Pictures 1

By request I am uploading some of the pictures I have taken. Most of these pictures are from camping around the island in different places.

Just Because I like Palm Trees...
Cozette and me at Iao Valley
Camping near Lahina

Good Morning Cozette!

Sunset in Lahina on the 4th of July

Some nice spots we found walking around the West side of the Island. 
Second most windy place Iv'e ever camped... good for pictures, not for sleeping. the tent was laid down on top of us all night!

Camping and playing at the beaches south of Makena.

So there you have it! Some of the better pictures from our first 3 weeks in Maui. I hope it is enough for everyone to live vicariously through us. We are House sitting now in Haiku, I'll have a post about that soon. Missing friends and family hope to talk on the phone soon. We bought tickets for our next destination today... The Philippines!

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The 4th of July

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow. We're beginning to learn this. When we hitched into Lahaina yesterday for the fireworks display we had no idea where we would be sleeping after the festivities ended, but we both agreed that we would be able to make our way back down the road, south about 6 miles, to the beach where we could camp... somehow. as the afternoon was winding down and the waves of people started to flow in we laid down our packs in the park facing the ocean. Just as we did this, two giggling girls came out of the water and sat down next to us. Hana and Aurora, two excited, freshly graduated high school students, quickly became our buddies as we chatted and laughed at intoxicated people trying to dance. We met "Mom", Gayle, an amazing lady finishing up her PhD. studying the sleeping patterns of women during pregnancy, and we got to chat with Courtney, a woman who holds an impressive 7 Olympic Gold Medals, and at one time the women's world record in the 100 yard dash. Together the six of us laughed and enjoyed the evening of fireworks, music and shave ice. At the end of the night we had new friends and a starry convertible ride to our camping spot. That's how you go with the flow. We had an amazing time, all because of a simple "Howzit". Have a great time ladies. You will accomplish everything you are working toward, I know it.

And here are some picture of the dazzling fireworks display in the Lahaina Harbor.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

You know you're in Hawaii when...

You know you're in Hawaii when...

Cozette and I have been on the island of Maui for 6 days now. We're still getting adjusted to being on the move all of the time, but we are loving the weather, the beaches, and the fact that we don't really have any long term plans. It's almost uncomfortable to not have a job to go to every day, but that will change I'm sure.
The First two days on the island we stayed a the North Shore Hostle in Wailuku to get settled and get the low down on what were the best places to visit. Cozette and I loved the friendly staff and the hostel vibe. It's nice to stay with people interested in the same things you are. North shore gets five of five stars in our book.

             From there we hiked up into Iao Valley for a couple days of camping. Down by the river...

                                     and up in the clouds...

Now we are near Haiku, on the far north side of the island where we will be house sitting for a few weeks. This is the little house we get to stay in on a beautiful peice of property.

From here we will try and get onto some farms to do some work share. Untill then, the beach is right down the road and the weather is always perfect!
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